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Toys for Boys

The Classics

ISBN: 9789461580481 (HB - E/ F/ NL)

This is the latest edition to the Toys series, Toys for Boys: The Classics, explores a history of things done right. Whether it causes a second glance or elicits a long slow whistle of admiration there is no denying that there have been-and will continue to be-certain brands that set the standards others can only follow. When it comes to innovation, especially within the luxury market, you can be the first one to do it or the last to perfect it; however, its takes true craftsmanship and finesse to have been both. In a world of never ending products there are consumers and then there are the tastemakers. These privileged few continually use their capacity for influence to champion those products they hold in the highest regard. In order to receive recognition as the ones who got it right, be it for aesthetics, power or just plain functionality, there are essential characteristics that must be present in order for any one product to make the grade. This handsome 432 page volume takes a journey through time highlighting what can only be described as the greatest mechanized luxury creations of the last century. Stunning visuals and archival photos depict a history of dedication and precision. Watches to motorcycles, yachts to suits and everything in between have all been brought together to create an extravagant collection of the very names we have come to know as quality. This edition of Toys for Boys can essentially be looked upon as a treatise of everything worth noticing.

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