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New distributed publishers
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New DISTRIBUTED publisherS

Chronicle Chroma

Chronicle Chroma publishes books that celebrate the visual arts and pop culture, from mid‐century design icons to
current contemporary artists in photography, film, fashion, illustration, architecture, and design. Based in Los
Angeles, Chronicle Chroma combines an editorial and visual approach influenced by a California aesthetic with the
same great design and packaging Chronicle Books is known for.

Cinq Continent -Eng titles - Spring 2019

Cinq Continents (ACC)

5 Continents Editions, maison d’édition indépendante de livres d’art, a été créée en février 2002 à Milan par Eric Ghysels – belgo-arménien de naissance, mais italien d’adoption. Elle est aujourd’hui une référence incontestée en matière de publications sur les arts traditionnels d’Afrique, d’Asie, des Amériques et d’Océanie. Ses productions portent en outre sur l’art au sens large, que ce soit l’archéologie, les arts ancien, moderne et contemporain, mais aussi les arts décoratifs, la mode, le design, la photographie, etc.


Oogachtend is een Belgische uitgeverij van strips, graphic novels en andere geïllustreerde werken.

De uitgeverij werd in 1999 opgericht door grafisch ontwerper en auteur Johan Stuyck, en werd in 2018 overgenomen door Stripdistributeur Jospin van Bart Pinceel en Ann Jossart.

Bij Oogachtend verscheen vooral werk van (vaak jonge of debuterende) Vlaamse auteurs als Kim, Conz en Brecht Evens.

Ludion. Voorjaar 2018 - Printemps 2018


Ludion is an independant publisher of art books and artists' prints, founded 25 years ago by Peter Ruyffelaere. Ludion is a benchmark in the field of high-quality art publications.
Click on the cover to open their latest catalogue.

Ludion is een onafhankelijke uitgeverij van kunstboeken en kunstenaarsgrafiek, 25 jaar geleden opgericht door Peter Ruyffelaere en uitgegroeid tot een referentie op vlak van kwaliteitsvolle kunstuitgaven.


ACC Art Books

Happy to announce our new mutual collaboration with ACC Art Books for whom we will be distributing in Belgium and The Nederlands while they will present our titles in the UK.  

ACC Art Books is the well-know publisher and UK distributor of beautiful art books in the fields of antiques, art and the decorative arts, but also photography books and other titles on contemporary culture, books on plants, gardening and garden design.

Included in their list are the publications by, of course, ACC books, Royal Academy London, Images, Emons Verlag, Scala,  and more

Kannibaal-Hannibal. Catalogus voorjaar 2018


Disponible via Exhibitions International à Bruxelles, en Wallonie et en France. La maison a été fondée en 2009 d'abord sous le nom de Cannibale. Cannibal se concentre sur des ouvrages soignés, illustrés, dédiés au sport. Depuis 2011, Gautier Platteau a rejoint l'équipe et l'imprint Hannibal s'est développé. Sous ce nom, des livres de qualité, illustrés, sont publiés dans les domaines de l'histoire, de la photographie, de la mode, de l'art et de la culture.

Available in Germany via Exhibitions International.
Cannibal Publishers was founded in 2009 with a clear preference for smart, illustrated books about sports. Since 2011 Gautier Platteau joined and the house was supplemented with the imprint Hannibal. Under this banner, quality, illustrated books are published on history, photography, fashion, fine arts and culture.

Click the cover of the latest catalogue to browse through their list.

New titles from Verlag Walther Koenig

Verlag Walther Koenig

One of the most respected art book publishers in the world, proprietor of Germany’s leading Art Bookstores, notably the flagship shop in Köln and since recently of the bookshop of Bozar, Brussels.

New diistributed publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture

Carpet Bombing Culture
, founded by Publisher Gary Shove in 2008, are a counter-cultural publisher par excellence, publishing quality art and photography books littered with vitriolic and highly subjective commentary to aid readers in pursuing the guerrilla warfare that is 21st century everyday life.*

Gestalten Verlag - Spring 2018

is best known for its more than 600 books about contemporary creative culture, the majority of which are conceived in house. They document and anticipate vital movements in design, lifestyle, illustration, architecture, fashion, photography, travel, and art. Providing both inspiration and practical value, they explore new creative fields in ways not yet seen before.


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