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JAAR > 2019
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Tiziano / Rubens

Ecce Homo and Disembarkation of Marie de Médicis at Marseilles

ISBN: 9788836641680 (PB+ - E/ IT)

Titian and Rubens, two of the greatest old masters of painting in the world, are brought together in this volume that mirrors the articulated analytical procedure behind the attribution of a painting. A process involving diagnostic, stylistic and historical and documentary research, iconographic contextualization and iconological interpretation. An Ecce Homo associated with one of Titian's principal customers, Guidobaldo II Della Rovere, Duke of Urbino, and a Disembarkation of Marie de Médicis at Marseilles to be identified as a model for the famous series devoted to Marie de Médicis, executed by Rubens for the Palais du Luxembourg in Paris: these are the magnificent works under investigation, whose complex and fascinating story unfolds between the former Duchy of Urbino and France.

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