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Frameables: My Louvre

21 Prints for a Picture-Perfect Home

ISBN: 9782080206978 (PB - E)

From the beguiling beauty of Da Vinci's Mona Lisa to the intimacy of Vermeer's The Lacemaker, Titian's classically exquisite Woman with a Mirror to Delacroix's vibrant and rebellious Liberty Leading the People, this selection showcases the stunning array of masterpieces from the world's most legendary museum. The twenty-one high-quality reproductions include works by artists from Caravaggio, Botticelli, Raphael, and Jan van Eyck, to Arcimboldo, Georges de la Tour, Fragonard, and Hieronymus Bosch?the prints can be easily removed from the book, placed in a standard-size frame, and displayed in the home. Step-by-step tips for grouping the works to create a harmonious gallery offer an interior designer's expertise for displaying artworks together. Each masterpiece of art is explained on the back of the print. Interesting details about the highlighted works, the style of painting, and biographical information about the artist are accompanied by a "frameable fact" that helps readers understand the context of that particular work in the history of art. In addition, suggestions for where to see additional examples of each artist's work guides the reader to expand his or her knowledge of art. Create your own home gallery of affordable and finely reproduced art with the Frameables series of decorative prints; the frame-worthy subjects include the Animal Kingdom, Cloudscapes, the Great Outdoors, City Lights, and Deyrolle: French Botanical Art.

Louis Albert de Broglie, known as the Gardener Prince, is passionate about preserving biodiversity and promoting sustainable development. He owns Deyrolle, the fabled Parisian institution dedicated to nature, art, and education

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