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Alexander Girard Matching Game:

ISBN: 9781934429761 (BOX - E)

The newest addition to our growing line of matching games features the distinctive designs of Alexander Girard. Thirtysix of Girard's playful yet sophisticated textile designs and colorful illustrations are featured in this well-designed game for children of all ages and adults. Girard's vintage, and now classic, designs for Herman Miller are a delightful addition to our design-centric toys for kids. How to play: For younger children, play with nine pairs or fewer. For a more challenging game, geared toward older children and adults, play with all 36 pairs. Mix and spread cards face down. Players take turns flipping any two cards up. If cards match, player continues. If cards do not match, player's turn ends and cards remain in the same position. When all cards are matched, player with the most pairs wins.

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