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More than 30 classic and modern recipes for Italy's iconic cocktail

ISBN: 9781788792790 (HB - E)

The Negroni has been a favourite with discerning cocktail drinkers for over a century but has perhaps never been as popular as it is today. What started off as a simple, equal-parts, three-ingredient cocktail (campari, gin, vermouth) has become a global sensation. Included here are recipes for classic Negronis from straight-up over ice to a sparkling aperitivo spritz. This basic formula is then played with in endless ways with Negronis designed for different seasons; bright and citrusy summer versions; cosier, spiced winter drinks; and celebratory cocktails for special occasions. These exciting variations make use of both dry, sweet and aged vermouths, along with ports and sherries, and some truly experimental non-gin negronis (made using bourbon, rum or even mezcal) really open up the playing field! Try a pale Negroni such as the White Rose, made with dry vermouth and white port; or the velvety Chocolate Negroni, enriched with crème de cacao and chocolate bitters; or even a golden Sloe-groni, made with sloe gin.

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