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The Drawing Ideas Book

ISBN: 9781781576885 (PB - E)

The sketchbook has been the companion of creatives for centuries. It has always been the artist's tool to jot down ideas, observations, notes, doodles, digressions and a forum in which to develop composition, colour combinations, line, figure drawing and mark making. Practitioners turn to the intimate art of drawing both to record thoughts and evolve these into finished works. The drawing can be both the beginning and the end, the draft and the finished work. Discover the infinite possibilities of this essential art form, from its key mediums such as ink and pencil to unusal processes. Find fresh ideas and motivation guiding you in how to draw, what to draw, and even where and when to draw. To celebrate the art of the drawing, we have filled this book to the brim with arresting and beautiful examples of creatives' drawings and sketchbooks from all over the world. The Drawing Ideas Book forms part of the 'Ideas Book' series, the perfect aides for anyone wanting to take their creativity further. These bookshelf musts will continue to surprise and inspire, each revisited page providing readers with something new.

Available editions :
The Printmaking Ideas Book
Ilex Press (Octopus)
ISBN: 9781781576182 (E/PB)
The Collage Ideas Book
(The Ilex Ideas Book)
Ilex Press (Octopus)
ISBN: 9781781575277 (E/PB)
The Watercolour Ideas Book
(The Ilex Ideas Book)
Ilex Press (Octopus)
ISBN: 9781781575048 (E/PB)
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