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The Story of Russia

ISBN: 9781526631756 (PB - EN)

Here, Orlando Figes breathes life into the narratives that make sense of the uncertain world we now find ourselves in. The Story of Russia begins in the first millennium, when Russia's lands were initially settled by the Slavs, and ends with Putin in the present day. From Boris and Gleb, the first saints of the Russian Church, to the crowning of sixteen-year-old Ivan the Terrible in a candlelit cathedral; and from Catherine the Great, riding out in a green uniform to arrest her husband at his palace, to the bitter last days of the Romanovs; Orlando Figes takes us on an enthralling journey through the collective mind of Mother Russia. How the Russians came to tell their story - and to remake it as they went along - is not only a vital aspect of their history, but is also the best means we have of understanding the country in our complex new age.

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