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The Normandy Coast and Landing Beaches

La Côte de Normandie et les Plages du Débarquement - Die Küste der Normandie und Landungsstrände

ISBN: 9789081925327 (HB - E/ F/ G)

The book consists of 3 parts First, a panorama (without perspective) of the Normandy coast between Franceville-Merville plage and Quinéville is shown. This 90 km panorama is displayed from page 7 to page 224. This part is followed by a historical introduction and a list of landing troops per landing sector (page 225-262). Finally, there is a more detailed panorama per assault zone with a panorama below of 1943-1944. These two panoramas are supplemented by old pictures of the landing. There is an indication where the first assault wave has landed. The reader will find the exact location of the landing and the Atlantikwall in the book.

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