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Erwin Olaf

ISBN: 9788836646043 (HB - EN-IT)

The mysterious and contemplative work by Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf, among the most renowned authors of contemporary portraiture. Photographer of excellence, among the most appreciated in the contemporary art scene, the Dutch Erwin Olaf (1959) is to be considered one of the greatest interpreters of modern portrait photography: he is known all over the world for a photographic style dominated by mysterious and contemplative atmospheres, for his mise en scène and theatrical compositions. In his shots Olaf weaves complex and dramatic narratives. His works are striking in their strangeness, their will to provoke, their sense of solitude and restlessness: they catch glimpses of truth, which reveal the imperfection and the fictitious nature of an apparently perfect world. This rich catalogue represents a journey through the artist's entire production, offering a complete overview of his work: from the beginning with "Chessmen", the series that made him internationally famous, awarded at the Young European Photographer competition in 1988, up to the recent "Palm Springs" project (2018). The volume includes a critical text by Walter Guadagnini and a conversation with the artist.

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