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Tito Caula

Tito Caula

ISBN: 9788416248315 (PB - E/ SP)

The Argentine photographer uses his camera to sketch the social and political scene of Venezuela today. He reflects the main events in the country's everyday life, conflicts and demonstrations in Venezuela's nascent democracy. His images serve as both a journalistic report and an urban chronicle, as there is no dearth of images of the city itself, its motorways, constructions and buildings. They are where "the experimentation of new techniques and formats link the course of an almost cinematographic recording which is interwoven with the narrative counterpoint of the different interpretations possible in their compositions," say the curators Lorena González and Vasco Szinetar, who wrote the prologue to the book.

Tito Caula (Argentina, 1926 - Venezuela, 1978) got his start in photography as a stationary cameraman in the film industry. In 1960, when he and his family emigrated to Venezuela, he began to work in advertising photography and documentaries. He ended up working almost exclusively in advertising photography, and in 1967 founded a photography studio, Artyphot, with his wife Amparo Quinteiro.

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