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JAAR > 2021
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The House of Glam

Lush Interiors and Design Extravaganza

ISBN: 9783899559828 (HB - E)

An ode to extravagant and lush interiors that are not afraid to take risks, this new design movement proves that when it comes to bold colors and rich detailing, more is always more. A 21st-century take on sumptuous interiors is sweeping through the design world, combining expressive colors and textures with unusual forms and materials. The result is a highly original interior style, a contemporary interpretation of art deco and classic 50s and 60s Hollywood film set interiors. This new maximalist aesthetic is lovingly layered with references--a welcome antidote to mid-century modernism and minimalist restraint. The House of Glam invites you into the most exciting homes, from Italy to the USA, that embody this decadent, playful trend, profiling key studios and designers at the forefront of the movement. Revealing the key insights behind this rich new spectrum of design, The House of Glam will convert even the most hardened minimalists among us.

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