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Jesper Just

Landscape of Desire

ISBN: 9783775735520 (HB - E/ G/ DAN.)

A comprehensive and detailed exploration of the video art by the young Danish artist. Jesper Just (*1974 in Copenhagen) has won international acclaim for his visually beguiling videos. Preferring a process more aligned with the cinematic to a low-fi aesthetic or documentary one, Just creates choreographed and grand works of art. His productions makes use of mesmerizing elements of grand landscape painting as well as a hypersensitive and acute portrayal of human emotions. Preempting Just's participation in the 55th Venice Biennale 2013, this publication, the most comprehensive and detailed to date, takes its point of departure from the artist's eponymous new work This Is a Landscape of Desire before focusing on his wider oeuvre. In conjunction with his exhibition at HEART-Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, the book surveys the career of the acclaimed artist and features essays by curators Caroline Corbetta and Michael Bank Christoffersen, among others. Exhibition schedule: Herning Museum of Contemporary Art January 26-April 14, 2013

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