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JAAR > 2021
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Writers Walk Europe

ISBN: 9781912559244 (HB - E)

For all those yearning for European journeys, our new title Sauntering offers salve for the soul. The anthology features sixty writers - classic and contemporary - who travel Europe by foot. We join Henriette D'Angeville climbing Mont Blanc; Nellie Bly roaming the trenches of war-torn Poland; Werner Herzog on a personal pilgrimage across Germany; Hans Christian Andersen in quarantine; Joseph Conrad in Cracow; and Robert Macfarlane dropping deep into underground Paris. On foot the world comes our way. We get close to the Continent's alpine ranges, arterial rivers, expansive coastlines. Close to its ancient cities and mysterious thoroughfares; and close to the walkers themselves - the Grand Tourers and explorers, strollers and saunterers, on their hikes and quests. Introduced and edited by the 'laureate of walking' Duncan Minshull, Sauntering is the companion volume to our bestselling Beneath My Feet: Writers on Walking.

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