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East London Food

The people, the places, the recipes (Second edition)

ISBN: 9781910566763 (HB - E)

An updated edition of the sell-out book covering London's most exciting food scene - with 20 new places. Following the success of the original East London Food, this second volume features 20 new culinary hotspots in London's most progressive, diverse neighbourhood. Since the first edition was published, east London has become firmly established worldover for its abundance of gastronomic talent. The book includes more than 40 profiles of top chefs, young producers and bold entrepreneurs at the heart of a culinary phenomenon - from Michelin-starred chefs and specialist butchers to wild foragers and urban beekeepers. With in-depth interviews and stunning photography, this book guides you on where to go, what to eat and how to cook it at home (thanks to a section of recipes from the chefs). Rosie Birkett is a leading food writer who has written four books. She is a regular contributor to national newspapers and magazines. Helen Cathcart is a well-established photographer who shoots for the likes of Kinfolk, Sunday Times and the Observer.

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