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In Other Words

An Illustrated Miscellany of the World's Most Intriguing Words and Phrases

ISBN: 9781906761882 (HB - E)

Ever racked your brain for a word you're convinced should exist, yet is inexplicably absent from the dictionary? All languages have their limitations - should Engl ish fall short, the expression may lie elsewhere. That's where this book comes in: a quirky, international lexicon of well -known and obscure linguistic gems that capture certain moments or things with such satisfying precision. Our mots justes are grouped according to region and prefaced with insightful overviews of the relevant cultures. Embellished with entertaining and characterful four -colour illustrations, The Untranslatables is the perfect gift book to entertain even the most well -versed polyglot. Em bellished with four -colour illustrations, The Untranslatables is bound to entertain even the most well versed polyglot - as well as the rest of us, who are merely fascinated.

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