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Oliver's Britain

Oliver Hellowell

ISBN: 9781788840897 (HB - E)

-Follow-up to bestselling Oliver's Birds, as featured on BBC's The One Show -Britain at its most breath-taking - ancient castles, flower-filled forests and more -Introduction from Iolo Williams, Welsh Naturalist and wildlife presenter "To look at Oliver Hellowell's photography is to see the natural world through his eyes." - Boudicca Fox-Leonard, The Telegraph "In Ollie's hands [...] the camera is more than a mere instrument; it is an extension of his inquisitive mind." - Iolo Williams From flower-filled forests to ancient castles and isolated lochs, from the concrete jungle to the play of sunlight across the sea, the latest book from award-winning young photographer Oliver Hellowell captures Britain at its most beautiful. The British landscape is renowned for its infinite moods. Oliver's photography celebrates this, capturing rain-jewelled flowers and haunting, mist-shrouded ruins. Perhaps the most charming aspect of his work is his ability to highlight overlooked beauty. To some, the dandelion is nothing but a weed - but Oliver finds a worthwhile subject in even the humblest wildflower. Insightful commentary reveals the inspiration behind each of Oliver's pictures. An ode to the British Isles from a passionate young photographer, every page demonstrates the enthusiasm and talent that endeared Oliver to his worldwide following.

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