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Desperately Young

Artists Who Died in Their Twenties

ISBN: 9781788840842 (HB - E)

Desperately Young introduces the masterpieces left behind by some of the greatest rising stars in fine art - all of whom died before their thirtieth birthday. Precocious talent seeps from each artist's work, along with a sense of unfulfilled potential. Informative biographies detail each artist's legacy, while their tragic deaths lead us to wonder what heights they might've reached, had their lives not been cut short. Richly illustrated, Desperately Young presents prime examples of each artist's work, demonstrating how our cultural heritage is just a little narrower for their loss. From America to Europe to Japan, the mid fourteen-hundreds to the late twentieth century, this book hails the acknowledged greats and introduces those who died before they could leave an indelible mark on history. A compendium of 111 artists who fell prey to sickness, warfare, heartbreak or bad luck, Desperately Young is the only book to provide an in-depth study of artists who died young. With works from Jean-Michel Basquiat, Frédéric Bazille, Thomas Girtin, Bob Thompson, Ergon Schiele, Ernst Klimt, Jeanne Hébuterne, Kaita Murayama, Hermann Stenner, Maurycy Gottlieb, Fyodor Vasilyev, Marie Bashkirtseff, Richard Parkes Bonington, Luisa Anguissola, Walter Deverell, August Macke and Pauline Boty, Tommaso Masaccio, Henri Regnault - among many others.

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