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Lazy Day Brunches

Relaxed recipes for the morning

ISBN: 9781788792844 (HB - E)

If you re tired of the same old breakfast routine and fancy tasting something new to give you a little more get up and go , try these nourishing morning munchies. With the rise in popularity of all kinds of baking from artisan breads and pillowy buns, to fruit-filled muffins and soft, oaty tray bakes now is the perfect time to switch out your breakfast bowl for a more substantial and satisfying bite. Whatever the start of your typical day, each recipe in this book can be made in advance to suit the morning routine of any baker. If you re more inclined to wake up and be out of the door in 15 minutes flat, try some energy-boosting nutty Flapjacks or Muesli Bars already cut into grabbable slices and perfect for anyone on the go. If more time allows, slice and toast some flavourful Banana Bread, pair an Almond Twist bun with a cup of warm coffee or opt for something savoury with a Montreal Bagel filled with soft cheeses, smoked fish or other tasty treats. And if the morning is all your own, why not take a bit of time to fill your home with the smell of warm bread to feast on straight from the oven. There s a Barley and Rye Sourdough, a Gluten-Free Cornbread or a simple yet classic White Bread loaf to fill the gap at breakfast time, and have leftovers for lunch!

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