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You Will be Able to Macramé by the End of This Book

ISBN: 9781781578230 (HB - EN)

Do you want to take photos that make people say 'wow'? Photography has never been so easy; nor has it ever been so hard. Digital cameras and smartphones can deliver perfect exposures and pin-sharp focus time after time, but the tech alone won't create draw-dropping imagery, or supply the sort of photos that stand out in a sea of online visual overload. Stripped of pointless jargon and focusing instead on the most important element in the image-making process - the person holding the camera or phone - this book makes good on its promise to teach the key skills and mind-set for taking great photos on any device. - Gain the core skills needed by every photographer - Learn to see the world as a photo opportunity - Discover the tools that will raise your photography to the next level - Develop a visual sense that can be applied to a range of photographic situations

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