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Palm Beach Living

ISBN: 9780865654174 (HB - EN)

From charming bungalows to sleek minimalist houses and apartments to restorations of iconic Mediterranean Revival residences to a garden dotted with oversized insect sculptures, the homes showcased in Palm Beach Living are as distinctive as they are representative of the ever-evolving design trends on the nation's most exclusive barrier island. Some of the homes incorporate the exuberant colors of the island's flora; others opt for a soothing, more neutral palette to contrast with the surrounding landscape. All embrace indoor-outdoor living, and each reflects the unique aesthetic of the owner, realized with the help of renowned architects?from the legendary Maurice Fatio and John Volk to Daniel Kahan, Fairfax & Sammons, Jeffrey W. Smith, and David Fox & Chris Stone?superb landscape designers, including Mario Nievera, Jorge Sánchez, and Fernando Wong, and such world-class interior designers as Tom Scheerer, Amanda Lindroth, Mark D. Sikes, Jonathan Adler, Frank de Biasi, Mimi McMakin, the late Carleton Varney, and Kim Coleman. Guided by native Palm Beacher Jennifer Ash Rudick, with photographs by Nick Mele, "a modern-day Slim Aarons," readers are granted an intimate look at the best in tropical living.

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