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All You Need is Love (Notes)

Sweet Everythings for All the Loves in Your Life

ISBN: 9780789341426 (HB - EN)

A parcel of personal, sweet moments told through the intimacy of real bouquet notes from real senders, delivered with The Bouqs Co.'s signature warmth and humor. When receiving flowers, one instantly reaches for the note tucked gently among the petals. Who is it from? What does it say? This anticipation is invariably met with joy. That little message accompanying a bouquet tells a story, one short tale between two people. A curated collection of these real bouquet notes, All You Need Is Love (Notes) taps into these sincere human interactions, with short and sweet missives. There are sweet nothings: "Fleurs? For moi? From who? Oh, yes, of course, my adoring husband, who loves me best." There is love: "Te amo, when you're grumpy, when you're sleepy, when you're sad, when you're hungry, and especially when you're mad lol." How about romance? "Mai, Can I borrow your heart? Because it seems you've stolen mine. David." And finally, there are notes to self: "Just a friendly reminder from you to you: You are always, always, always enough, and you're crushing this thing called life." These intimate notes represent the comedies and gravities of everyday life. This collection will be a gift to celebrate and savor, much like blooms themselves.

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