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The Pocket Square

22 Essential Folds

ISBN: 9780500518861 (HB - E)

The definitive illustrated guide to the pocket square: the essential folds, etiquette and style. When, where and how should a gentleman wear the perfect pocket square? This guide features the essential 22 pocket square folds, for linen, cotton and silk, from the simple and elegant 'Presidential' to the complex and flamboyant 'Bouquet' fold. As well as brief descriptions and advice on when to wear each style, the book provides easy-to-follow diagrams of how to wear each fold with panache. Style icons from every decade - Cary Grant, Oscar Wilde, the Duke of Windsor, Fred Astaire, JFK and Yves Saint Laurent - offer style inspiration. The Pocket Square is the essential gift for the fashion-conscious manabout- town wishing to experiment with the endless possibilities of this precious piece of fabric and turn it into the ultimate signature of their style.

Alexander Phillips is a connoisseur of gentlemen's tailoring and patterndesign, with years of patient experience of folding his own pocket squares.

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