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The Flemish Primitives in Bruges

ISBN: 9789493039117 (PB - E)

Five centuries ago, Bruges was home to the Flemish Primitives. At the time, Bruges was one of the most important cities in Europe: an international centre of trade and meeting place for foreign merchants. It is this medieval Bruges through which we are guided by Till-Holger Borchert, director of the Bruges Museums. The wealth of the city and its art-loving inhabitants attracted dozens of artists. The pioneers among the socalled Flemish Primitives - Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling, Dieric Bouts, Hugo van der Goes and Gerard David - developed a new style of painting over the course of the fifteenth century that would make its influence felt as far as southern Europe. Although many of their paintings now hang among the masterpieces of the world's most prominent museums, Bruges was nevertheless able to hold on to a number of dazzling specimens of its owns heritage. This book allows you to take that heritage home. It is the perfect introduction for those who would like to become better acquainted with the artistic Bruges of the fifteenth centyury, as well as a splendid souvenir for anyone who has admired the Flemish Primitives in the city's main museums. Revised edition in a new layout.

Available editions :
De Vlaamse Primitieven in Brugge
ISBN: 9789493039094 (NL/PB)
Les Primitifs flamands Bruges
ISBN: 9789493039100 (F/PB)
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