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JAAR > 2018
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Léon Stynen

A Life of Architecture (1899-1990)

ISBN: 9789492567116 (PB BOX - E)

'Léon Stynen. A Life of Architecture 1899-1990' provides a look inside the impressive oeuvre of Stynen. The origins for this publication lie in the exceptionally rich archive of Stynen and his partner Paul De Meyer, which was donated to the Province of Antwerp in 1988. Today, 30 years later, it is considered one of the most important in the collection of the Flanders Architecture Institute. The oeuvre is introduced by a comprehensive biography, photographed in its current condition by Filip Dujardin and read from mutliple perspectives in 9 essays. Few Belgian architects have left behind such a striking and diverse oeuvre as Léon Stynen (1899-1990). For more than 50 years, Stynen was active as an architect, urbanist and designer. He worked all over the country, but with a great love for his native city of Antwerp. In addition to the realization of this important architectural oeuvre, he also played a major role in the development of architecture education and architectural culture in Belgium. Every publication on Belgian architectural history asserts Stynen as one of the iconic architects of his generation.

This summer, 'Stynen2018' gains an overseas follow-up in the form of an exhibition at the London Festival of Architecture 2019. With the exhibition Brutalism on a Human Scale. Post-war Architecture by Léon Stynen (1899-1990) in the iconic Silver Building, the Flanders Architecture Institute presents an insight into the post-war oeuvre of the Belgian architect Léon Stynen. His brutalist designs, in which the human scale plays a crucial role, take centre stage. The curators reveal the richness of post-war architecture and highlight the importance of the modernist heritage for today's urban development. The architectural firm Eagles of Architecture worked with a group of students to build a series of wooden constructions based on Léon Stynen's iconic facades. These wooden frontages are absolute eye-catchers in the open space of the Silver Building. Photographer/artist Filip Dujardin shows Stynen's buildings in their contemporary context. In the 'boiler rooms', we will be showing a unique selection of archival documents from the fascinating Stynen collection, all of which bear witness to his superlative oeuvre. Read more about London Festival of Architecture 2019 and The Silver Building initiated by Flanders Architecture Institute in collaboration with The General Representation of the Government of Flanders in the United Kingdom part of London Festival of Architecture with the kind support of The Silver Building

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