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JAAR > 2018
9789492321848 9789492321848_03
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Michel Mouffe

Thinking the Veil

ISBN: 9789492321848 (PB - E/ F/ NL)

In the word 'sliding' there is something that suggests its fluidity, its capacity to slip away, to move aside, to never stay in the same place. This instability gives rise to the idea of risk, of doubt, even concern that things have moved, shifted, that they no longer obey rules, future rectitude or predetermined plans. [.] There is something in this word that conveys its intimacy, its moistness, its proximity to the flesh, to the material, to the humours. In case of loss of control, hesitation or progression, it can draw us towards the unknown dimension of experience and the acceptance of randomness. - Michel Mouffe, 2017 Michel Mouffe (°1957, Brussels) lives and works in Brussels, Le-Poët-Laval (France) and in La Mola (Spain). Mouffe's paintings take the visitor on a journey into the enigmatic world of colours. Between clarity and darkness, overwhelming feelings immerse the visitor into art works that express the artist's quest for colours and light.

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