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Sam Dillemans

Authors. Paintings 2010-2012 -HERDRUK-

ISBN: 9789490693992 (HB - E/ NL)

In the past years Sam Dillemans has painted some 300 portraits, mostly of influential writers, but also of scientists, composers and singers. In his typical dynamic and fluent style Dillemans completed the 300 portraits almost in one go. Most of the portraits are painted in black and white with smooth, volatile lines; others are touched up with some rare subtle brushstrokes in colour. Whether the subject is recognizable or not depends on the viewer and on how much the artists is prepared to divulge in his impressive paintings. Once more Dillemans has chosen to present an impressive series that centres on human beings, their faces and expressions. Some models are recognizable almost immediately, while others require an effort of the viewer. The result is a series of sometimes alarming portraits that compel us to observe intensely, explore the concept of portraiture and admire the smart faces Dillemans has gathered in these paintings in his typical style. On the occasion of the exhibition that opened on April 19th in the Castle of Gaasbeek, the paintings of the series Authors have been collected in the book with the same name, which was published on the opening day of the exhibition by MER. Paper Kunsthalle.

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