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The Academia Belgica in Rome

Building for the arts & sciences in the Eternal City

ISBN: 9789462303645 (HB - EN)

The first publication about the building of the Academia Belgica in Rome, residential facility and research centre for Belgian artists and researchers in Rome. Constructed between 1937 and 1939 by both an Italian and Belgian architect, in a style both modernist and art déco, the building has preserved not only its exterior but also in large parts its original interior decorations and even furniture. This book covers the various stages of the realization of the original building and its interior design programme - in the context of the cultural and political exchange between Belgium and Italy in the period between the world wars. Richly illustrated with original photographs of the architecture and interior of the building, architectural plans, drawings and designs. The Belgian photographer Maxime Delvaux has been commissioned to make a new series of photographs of the building today, which are incorporated in the book. The Academia Belgica is the Belgian research institution located in the heart of Rome near the Villa Borghese where Belgian scholars and artists are welcomed for research and residences. It is one of many international research institutions in Rome. The Academia Belgica has provided residence to many scholars and artists over the years, as well as organized numerous scientific and scholarly activities, events and publications. The book will be richly illustrated by photographs taken during the time of construction and by documents related to the realization of the building, such as designs, drawings, plans, etc. conserved at the Academia. All images have recently been reproduced as a result of the large conservation and inventory project funded by the Jonckheere Foundation and the King Baudouin Foundation. In addition a complete set of new images of the building's exterior and interior were made by the Belgian photographer Maxime Delvaux, renown for his architectural photography. Colloquium about the book in September 2023 as well as an exhibition at the Academia Belgica in Rome in November 2023.

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