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The Thannhauser Gallery

Marketing Van Gogh

ISBN: 9789462301665 (HB - E)

While legend has it that Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) sold only one work in his lifetime, it was not long after his death that sales of his paintings shattered auction house records. This superbly researched book illuminates the critical role the Thannhauser Gallery occupied in cultivating and shaping an early clientele for the artist's works. Founded in Munich in 1909, the Thannhauser Gallery was Germany's preeminent promoter of the avant-garde in the decades before World War II. In other European cities, and finally in New York the successful business was continued. Over the years the gallery acquired and sold an impressive part of van Gogh's oeuvre: roughly 110 works, including many masterpieces, now part of museum collections all over the world. A fascinating study of an all-important player in the early twentieth-century art market, The Thannhauser Gallery: Marketing Van Gogh transforms our understanding of an artist now universally revered.

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