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Walter Leblanc

ISBN: 9789462301597 (HB - E)

Little is known about Walter Leblanc (1932-1986), one of the key representatives of kinetic and optical art in the mid-twentieth century. This comprehensive monograph includes significant unpublished materials, which provide insight not only into the art of Leblanc, but also into the extraordinary and creative ZERO artist movement he was connected to and in close dialogue with starting in the 1950s. Walter Leblanc is based on extensive studies of the artist's work: with about 150 images of his paintings and sculptures, comparative works, historical photos and documents, it will include a selection of Leblanc's writings, an iconographic mapping of selected works in museums around the world, and a bio-bibliographical appendix. In demonstrating the outstanding wealth of his creative output, the book will reaffirm the enduring role Leblanc played in the development of modern and contemporary art on a global scale.

Available editions :
Walter Leblanc
Mercatorfonds/ Fonds Mercator
ISBN: 9789462301573 (NL/HB)
Walter Leblanc
Mercatorfonds/ Fonds Mercator
ISBN: 9789462301580 (F/HB)
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