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Design & Illustrate

Fashion Figure Templates:

ISBN: 9789460098383 (PB - E)

Fashion Figure Templates - Volume 1 (Design & Illustrate) contains 64 sheets with templates (`croquis') of female fashion figures, printed in grey lines to make it easy to add your designs. The 180 g/m2 drawing paper allows the use of professional tools and colouring materials, such as graphite and coloured pencils, liquid ink, watercolour and alcohol- and water-based markers. The gatefolded backcover can be placed between the sheets and the sheets can be removed easily. Volume 1 (DESIGN & ILLUSTRATE) is an essential fashion designer's tool to develop a collection. It contains 6 sets of fashion figures, shown front, side and back to develop your design from all angles. There are a further 16 sheets of group figures to visualize final collections.

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