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JAAR > 2018
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Ingrid Godon


ISBN: 9789089319395 (PB - -)

Ingrid Godon (1958) used to be a drawing child. Always and everywhere. And she still does signs. Her books are translated worldwide and she has already won a lot of prizes, such as Boekenpauw and Gouden Griffel. With 'Dantesken', her first art publication, she shows that her perspective extends even wider than the children's book. For the first time she brings a publication without text with images that speak for themselves. Who are the beings who popu­late the drawings of Ingrid Godon? They are people, certainly. What then is there of a person who only exists as an image? In this book we travel through the works of a gifted image maker, a thin world of human nature. Who are we meeting? Who, or what, do we recognize? A book with 800 images of Ingrid Godon speaking for themselves.

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