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JAAR > 2019
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Die Königlichen Gewächshäuser in Laeken

ISBN: 9789085867975 (HB - G)

At the time of their construction (1874-1905) the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken were quite exceptional owing to their scale, the modernity of their architectural design in glass and metal, and the unique botanical collection that they housed. They remain a remarkable monument even in the 21st century: simultaneously grand and refined, exotic and functional, exuberant and harmoniously composed. And the botanical collection remains unique to this day thanks to its size and diversity, and thanks to the rarity and beauty of many of its trees and plants.

Beschikbare edities:
De koninklijke serres van Laken
ISBN: 9789085867937 (NL/HB)
Les serres royales de Laeken
ISBN: 9789085867968 (F/HB)
The royal greenhouses at Laeken
ISBN: 9789085867951 (E/HB)
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