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JAAR > 2018
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A Finger in the Pie

A Bruegel Mystery

ISBN: 9789085867722 (PB - E)

How do you sell Bruegel to children? How can you make them look twice at his paintings? It's like serving them broccoli. Give it to them straight and few will clean their plate. But they're likely to spoon it up, if you mash it with a good story. A Finger in the Pie begins with a bombshell. In Bruegel's painting The Peasant Wedding a plate of pie goes missing from the large tray two men carry around. Nobody knows the perpetrator is a boy who can get into Bruegel's works. His adventures bring the paintings back to life, like films that have stood still for centuries and now simply move on. A Finger in the Pie is a beautifully illustrated book with full-page pictures of some of Bruegel's most famous paintings. Children are certain to look at those pictures more than once while reading. Why, they may even want to go to the museum to see the very paintings themselves.

Beschikbare edities:
A Finger in the Pie
A Bruegel Mystery
ISBN: 9789085867722 (E/PB)
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