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The Rubenshuis

ISBN: 9789085866695 (PB+ - E)

Peter Paul Rubens was acclaimed, even in his lifetime, as one of the greatest artists of his day. now, four hundred years later, appreciation of the man and his work is undiminished. just as Rubens travelled throughout Europe, his artistic legacy is scattered around the world. But only in Antwerp did Rubens make his home, and only at the Rubenshuis can one savour the world he lived in. This booklet provides an overview of the painter's professional activities and sheds light on his career, the organisation of his studio, and the nature of his collaboration with fellow artists. It also offers - just as the museum does - a unique glimpse of Rubens's private life: his home and family and his personal collection. This is indeed the ideal guide to the life and work of the most famous artists of the seventeenth century.

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