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JAAR > 2020
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Kris Fierens

Beeldend kunstenaar - overzicht 1980-2020

ISBN: 9789082808056 (HB - E/ NL)

Overview of 40 years fine arts, with contributions from Marc Ruyters, Eric Rinckhout and Koen Leemans. Kris Fierens (° 1957) uses the character of a preliminary study or a sketch as an enduring thing. Or, in their possibility they imitate the character of a preliminary study. Reality and emotion reach a virtual zero point. The gestures that he makes simply become the 'objets trouvés'. The object 'on his own' is never present. It's the included matter that enables him to save his dream. Traces of something that still needs to happen. Of which a disappearing memory can already be hold.

Het boek is geen tentoonstellingscatalogus, maar zal wel officieel gepresenteerd worden bij de opening van de geplande tentoonstelling van Kris Fierens in 'De Garage' te Mechelen. De tentoonstelling loopt van 21 maart 2020 tem 24 mei 2020.

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