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Aelita Andre

Prodigy of Colour

ISBN: 9788857247762 (HB - EN)

Aelita Andre (born in 2007 in Melbourne) is an Australian abstract painter. She began experimenting with paint when she was nine months old and her extraordinary acrylic on canvas paintings were presented in her first solo exhibition in Australia at age two. Aelita's artistic impulses embody the kind of richly expressive freedoms that the "fathers of modern art" such as Kandinsky and Klee drew upon over a century ago to create the entire canon of Western abstract art. This self-taught artist demonstrates creativity in its purist form, which has become the wellspring of her interactions with the natural environment surrounding her. Picasso and Rothko acknowledged the superiority of children's art in its ability to be visually brazen, utterly fresh, and even revolutionary - characteristics they yearned for throughout adulthood. Aelita Andre breaks away from the conventions of contemporary art to produce truly inspirational pieces that are stunningly vivacious and original. Now formally recognized as the youngest prodigy painter in the world, Aelita Andre staged a widely acclaimed solo exhibition in 2016 (at nine years of age) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 2020 and 2022, she was among the world's top 100 recipients of the "Global Child Prodigy Awards" in the "Art & Drawing" category. Aelita continues to create her beautiful "sound and touch-paintings" and installations, merging art and music, and successfully exhibiting her work internationally.

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