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Farah Ossouli

Burning Wings

ISBN: 9788857245577 (HB - EN)

Farah Ossouli (born in 1953 in Zandschan, lives and works in Tehran) has explored innovative approaches to the medium painting, most commonly through juxtaposition of images and texts that scrutinize preconceptions about gender and race while undermining collective assumptions in post-revolutionary Iran. A hallmark of her paintings are exceptionally fine miniatures; her subjects are figurative but nevertheless not easily deciphered. Even through titles can identify what is portrayed, they often only hint at a possible interpretation of the picture. Through most of her works have a private character, Ossouli refers to historical events and occurrences with collective memory internationally, which still disturbs to this day. Ossouli can interpret history through an artwork, since the aesthetics of representation creates a challenge to the ethics of what is represented. The aesthetic quality of the paintings is what first allows the viewers to address his content. The dissolution of subjectivity and its rearticulation in miniature compositions is a major trope. Early on Ossouli began to use mirrors to facilitate this process - as myth and metaphor doubling and redoubling a fragmented vision - returning the viewer to that moment of ego formation described by Jacques Lacan as the mirror stage. Farah Ossouli's paintings, gouaches, conceptual miniature works, drawings, artist books and texts since the mid-1970s have been characterized by a keen awareness how the conditio humana is a product of its representation in mass media. She developed an aesthetic practice committed to metaphorical narration. For more than four decades, Ossouli has been delving into the violent peripheries of a society mediated by images, in miniature compositions whose fine surfaces contain an unsettling visual poetic and political allure. Her works are monumental sites of confrontation with ideologies that manipulate and often obliterate the individual. This corporal trauma is expressed in an almost documentary realism with the elements of classical Persian Miniature Paintings that presents little more than the bare facts, it is also reflected in every aspects of composition, from the projection of contemporary political issues and the removal of entire sections in the narration, to unnerving collapse of the figure with space it occupies.

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