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Inge Morath

The life and photography

ISBN: 9788836643165 (HB - E/ IT)

This book is dedicated to Inge Morath (Graz, 1923 - New York, 2002), an exceptional photographer and refined intellectual, as well as the first woman to be admitted to the famous Magnum Photos agency. Over 150 photographs and documents retrace the main phases of her work, highlighting the humanity that characterizes her entire production: a sensitivity molded by the tragic experience of the Second World War, which over the years will result in the documentation of the resistance of the human spirit to extreme difficulties and in the awareness of the value of life. The volume presents her main reports: from the one dedicated to Venice to the one on the Danube river; from Spain to Russia, from Iran to China, to Romania, to the United States of America passing through her native Austria. Also presented here her famous portraits of writers, painters, poets, including Alberto Giacometti, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and Arthur Miller whom, known on the movie set of "The Misfits", later became her husband - a bond that would last for forty years.

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