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Lucia Moholy (1894-1989)

between Photography and Life

ISBN: 9788836625406 (PB+ - E/ IT)

Photographer, writer and intellectual, Lucia Moholy (born Lucia Schulz, Karolinenthal, Prague, 1894 - Zollikon, Zurich, 1989) is a central figure in the 20th century history of photography, although the fame of her husband, the renowned artist László Moholy-Nagy, overshadowed her work for a long time. Through her photographs, an example of the German avant-garde and of the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity), it is possible to understand the complexity of her artistic personality and to reconstruct the role she played in the cultural history of the past century. Her major photographic work is on Bauhaus: pictures of the school, of teachers, objects and furniture are considered as true icons of modern times. The essays published in this volume allow to understand and outline Lucia Moholy's complex artistic personality, thus giving her the correct place she is due to have in XX century culture.

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