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JAAR > 2018
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Dark and Fetish Art

ISBN: 9784756250384 (PB - E/ J)

A collection of dark and fetish art of more than 40 contemporary artists from all over the world such as Zdzislaw Beksi ski, Nicoletta Ceccoli, Ray Caesar, James Jean, John Santerineross, Popovy Sisters, and Elizabeth Mcgrath. Gothic taste, decadence, doll-like and Lolita-esque style - the world of Aestheticism and degeneration - is supported by a wide range of people regardless of their age and gender. Wanting to expose this fantastical art not only to fans who already have a deep appreciation for that world, but also to a broader general audience, PIE International has published Japanese Erotica in Contemporary Art in September, 2014 and Erotica in Japanese Contemporary Art II in March of 2016. As these books were well recieved in the market, we now have this third volume Dark & Fetish Art. With these two volumes, we focused on Japanese artists, but in this third book featured are the artists from around the world. This book is divided into categories such as Fetish Art, Dark Art, Art Photography, and 3-Dimensional Art.

Beschikbare edities:
Japanese Erotica in Cantemporary Art
Paintings, Illustrations, Dolls and more
Pie Books
ISBN: 9784756244956 (E/PB)
Erotica in Japanese Contemporart Art II
Pie Books
ISBN: 9784756247537 (E/ J/PB)
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