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The Path

A Story About Finding Your Way

ISBN: 9783967047073 (HB - E)

Meet three kids on their usual walk down the path near their house. Every day, they notice something new: the trail, the plants and the animals - some of the changes are almost too small to recognize! With sketchbooks under their arms and a magnifying glass in hand, each child interacts with the path in a different way. Together, they create a whole world for themselves. The Path (working title) encourages us to take a closer look and be curious about our surroundings. For readers of all ages, this book shows that the only thing we can count on for certain is change. About the Author Reif Larsen is a bestselling author, with books like The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet translated into more than 27 languages. Larsen's essays and fiction have appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Travel + Leisure, and The Believer. Larsen is currently living in Troy, New York State, and hosts an event series and podcast named Future of Small Cities. This is his second children's book. Marine Schneider is a Belgian illustrator. A traveler at heart, she loves wandering through vast and preferably snowy landscapes, that inspire her and nourish her stories. Beginning her career with Life and I: a Story about Death, and I am Life, both published by Little Gestalten, she worked on several projects, ranging from books for babies to books for older children. She lives and works in Brussels.

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