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Oscar Murillo

By Means of a Detour

ISBN: 9783960989592 (HB - EN)

Oscar Murillo´s practice incorporates a variety of techniques and media including painting, performance, drawing, collaborative works, sculpture and sound, often using recycled materials and fragments collected from his studio. Many of his works undergo multiple processes in the studio before being exhibited. Murillo's work reflects his own experience of displacement, and the social fallout of globalisation. Oscar Murillo writes: 'This book was created to capture 2019. A year of my life, and the culmination of the first ten years of an art practice, of constant travel, of research, of making and work. Finding myself in Zagreb, Croatia, arriving from New York in the crazy cold and getting sick and traveling straight to Berlin to do a show. The form of this book is a reflection of the frenetic nature of the experience of living through this one year. Its inconsistencies and roughness are the product of a collaboration with Olu Odukoya, whose anarchic and anti-authoritarian, as he calls it "primitive," spirit have helped to allude to something true and real.'

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