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2G: Arno Brandlhuber+

ISBN: 9783960987154 (PB - E)

Brandlhuber+ is an architecture office founder in 2006 by Arno Brandlhuber and devoted to the idea of collaboration with other practices, disciplines, and individuals. This publication focuses exclusively on the practice of Arno Brandlhuber since he moved his studio from Cologne to Berlin, and features works as renowned as the Anti-Villa in Potsdam, the Rocha Villa in Uruguay or the Terrassenhaus in Berlin to the new unpublished villas in Sicily and the studio for an artist in Ninikowo, in Poland. Brandlhuber + is undoubtedly one of the most interesting contemporary architectural practices in Germany, and a key figure to understand the transformation processes of European cities.

Arno Brandlhuber will be the chief curator of the German Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2020.

Arno Brandlhuber was born in 1964 in Wasserlos, Germany. Since more than a decade Brandlhuber's cultural practice reaches beyond architecure and urbanism in order to politicize issues of private and collective property, sustainable economy and social cooperation. Amongst his better known buildings are the Neanderthal Museum (Düsseldorf/ Mettmann 1996) and the Haus Brunnenstrasse 9 (Berlin 2009). He is the founder of brandlhuber+ in Berlin (since 2006). Since 2003 he holds the chair of architecture and urban research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Nuremberg and is directing the nomadic masters program He is co-founder of the public seminar Akademie c/o, currently researching on the spatial production of the Berlin Republic.

Moises Puente is an architect and editor of the 2G series.

Antje Stahl is a writer and editor.

Nikolaus Kuhnert is a German architect and publisher as well as a senior editor of the magazine for theory-oriented architecture Arch +

Available editions :
2G No. 80: Studio Fala Atelier
Walter Koenig Verlag
ISBN: 9783960985952 (E/PB)
2G No. 79: Studio Muoto (Paris)
Walter Koenig Verlag
ISBN: 9783960985433 (E/PB)
2G No. 78: Junya Ishigami
Walter Koenig Verlag
ISBN: 9783960980964 (E/PB)
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