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Mark Bradford

Process Collettivo

ISBN: 9783906915852 (PB - EN-IT)

In 2016, the artist Mark Bradford began a partnership with the cooperative Rio Terà dei Pensieri, an organization that creates work opportunities with and for people incarcerated and recently incarcerated in two prisons in Venice, Italy. The ongoing project, Process Collettivo, builds on Rio Terà's existing structure, raising awareness about their work through a storefront that sells goods made by the collective-providing funding for the nonprofit -and offers both resources and employment for the previously incarcerated. This book offers extensive documentation of both Rio Terà's multifaceted activities and the collaboration with Bradford. Edited by Nicole R. Fleetwood, it features a conversation between the artist and former President of Rio Terà Liri Longo that delves into the history of their working together and the importance of socially engaged artmaking. Various essays critically assess the state of Italian prisons, provide a comparison of Italian and American carceral systems, reflect on the power of creativity inside prisons, and consider this partnership as part of larger discourse of social practice.

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