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JAAR > 2019
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Remote Places to Stay

The Most Unique Hotels at the End of the World

ISBN: 9783899559866 (HB - E)

Discover magical, remote locations around the world, from Africa to the Arctic, that will help you disconnect from modern life and enter a state of wonder. Silence. Calm. Open spaces. These are the new luxuries. In this turbulent era it has become ever more crucial to disconnect and slow down. Remote Places to Stay shares 22 out-of-the-way places where you can get off the grid and reconnect to the essentials, surrounded by raw pristine nature. Some of these remote places are only accessible by foot, others by train, small boat, or bush plane--but they are all places with a very strong sense of space. From lavish to spare architecture, from the Arctic to the desert landscapes of Africa, from a peaceful retreat in the Himalayas to a secret convent in the south of Italy, each exceptional retreat has been carefully selected to inspire and spark a state of wonder. Exploring the pages of Remote Places to Stay is a visual journey you will never forget.

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