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Mr Hudson Explores

The Gay Man's Travel Companion

ISBN: 9783899559743 (HB - E)

Based on Mr Hudson's identity, the book is featuring destinations for gays, but not necessarily gay destinations. It is about travelling in style for everyone who is looking for something different and special - no matter if men or women, travelling solo or as a couple. Mr Hudson Explores shows that every part of a trip is an incredible experience. The core content of the book will consist of 20 cities in the Northern Hemisphere and showcases the very best the destination has to offer. Each guide will give a general introduction to the city and, if applicable, its relevance for the gay community. It showcases various locations on culture and art, the most inspiring museum to visit, traditional and upcoming food places, best shopping experiences, music and nightlife: Where to go out, which bars do have the best drinks, and clubs you can have the most fun at the city's best parties and concerts. Depending on the location, day trips and activities can be included. Luxury accommodations and places to stay complete the range. The book will not just give descriptions of the places but also background information, telling the story of the owner, history or anecdotes.

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