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Radiophonic Cultures


ISBN: 9783868288629 (PB - E/ G)

Radio, which developed over the course of the 20th century into a crucial form of communication, is currently undergoing processes of fundamental reorganization under the general heading »digitalization.« When considered under the older term »radiophonics,« these processes unleash conceptual possibilities that surpass the simple scheme of economization or the acceleration of production- or broadcasting-forms. These conceptual possibilities are addressed by the exhibition Radiophonic Spaces, as well as by the conference Radiophonic Cultures-Sonic Environments and Archives in Hybrid Media Systems and the accompanying three-volume publication: Vol. 1 Radiophonic Cultures (texts) presents the current state of the discussion revolving around radiophonics, including its history and possible future, in light of the questions raised during the conference. Vol. 2 Radiophonic Materials (documents) brings together key texts from the history of radiophonics, which have not yet received adequate attention, especially in the German-speaking world. Vol. 3 Radiophonic Spaces (exhibition catalog) sheds light on the creative interplay of art and science and provides insight into contemporary collections and otherwise difficult to access radio-art archives.

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