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Fotografische Werke aus der Kunstsammlung der MLP AG

ISBN: 9783868287257 (HB - G)

A core element of the MLP headquarters in Wiesloch is the Corporate University, where the training and further education of MLP consultants takes place. MLP's art concept underscores the aspect of supporting young talents, innovative drive and the theme of education. The collection includes works by Gu¨nther Förg, Andreas Gursky, Susan Hefuna, Candida Höfer, Astrid Klein, Hanno Otten, Ulrike Rosenbach and Beat Streuli. With his "Untitled XII, No. 2", for example, Andreas Gursky plays with text elements from various draft chapters of Robert Musil's »story of ideas«, "The Man without Qualities". Through the precise choice of her motif, Candida Höfer demonstrates why "Library", the incarnation of generalized and expert knowledge, fits so well into the canon of the corporate collection. With his signature-style tall formats in soft shades of grey, Gu¨nther Förg succeeds in rescuing rediscovered icons of Modernist architecture from oblivion. And Ulrike Rosenbach, one of Joseph Beuys' first students, was always politically engaged, especially within the women's movement. In 1970, she created (with Warhol's permission) a self-confident, photomontaged adaptation of his legendary motif, "Double Elvis".

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