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JAAR > 2019
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Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Van de Velde, Nietzsche and Modernism Around 1900

ISBN: 9783777432731 (HB - E)

The Bauhaus originated in Weimar and returns to a new building there in the spring of 2019. In the newly built Bauhaus Museum Weimar the treasures of the world's oldest Bauhaus collection will be shown as an ensemble. This volume does not only present design icons, however; it also provides by means of a large number of additional objects a glimpse behind the façade of the Bauhaus myth. This is not a museum guide in the classic sense, but rather a theme volume covering the core questions of the Bauhaus period, like the New Man or the design of everyday life. This official volume on the new Bauhaus Museum Weimar opens up new perspectives on the Bauhaus. The general question "How do we want to live?" is posed today, as it was at that time, through examples of central aspects of the exhibition. The Bauhaus idea is examined for its potential with regard to the design of the present day and is positioned as part of a local and worldwide network. In-depth information encourages the reader to think further. The book also illuminates the architectural concept, the construction process and the town-planning criteria for the new museum building by Heike Hanada.

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